Hi Manon,


I tried to log in to add our statistics but got a message “There is a problem with your account. Please contact PCC staff for assistance with logging in”. I suspect it is because my password expired. I was out for over 2 months due to the sickness and death of my wife and wasn’t paying too much attention to PCC because of it. We only enter our statistics every 6 months and wonder about the wisdom of changing a password every 60 days when we rarely use it for anything but entering statistics. Is there a way to login as a new member every six months?


One other question: we get our statistics primarily from OCLC which doesn’t distinguish series ARs from other ARs. So the question is how do we enter series ARs when we don’t have the statistics. I have a file where I keep track of SACO submissions approved (also not tracked by OCLC).


Sorry to be a bother.


Thank you for any help you may give.


Wayne Richter

Asian Materials Specialist/PCC Liaison

The Libraries

Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA 98225-9103

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Reminder: April 15 deadline for entering PCC statistics


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Dear PCC participants,


This is a friendly reminder that April 15th is the deadline for PCC institutions to enter their PCC statistics for the first half of fiscal year 2019. All NACO, BIBCO, CONSER, and SACO contributions made during the months of October 2018-March 2019 should be entered into the PCC Directory by this date.


Instructions can be found in the “Statistics” section at the bottom of the PCC Directory web page: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/pccd


In particular, please see the “Guidelines for Entering Statistics in the PCC Directory” which were recently updated based on queries received:



After the April 15th deadline, we plan to run a report on the statistics that have been entered in the PCC Directory. The report will be posted here: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/stats.html


Thank you,





Manon Théroux

Cooperative Cataloging Program Specialist and

Acting BIBCO Coordinator

Library of Congress

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