End of the week update at OCLC on this issue:

We are still not up to date with loading all the NACO files at OCLC.  However, we have made progress. 
All files through March 31 have now been loaded and the file from April 1 is in process.  So, our backlog is now less than one week. 

We are hopeful that we will be caught up by early next week.  I’ll send another message to the PCC list next week when loading is up to date. 






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Sent: Monday, April 01, 2019 12:09 PM
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Subject: RE: Delay in NACO loading at OCLC


Update:  The files are still delayed at OCLC.  However, loading is in process.  The files received from the Library of Congress as part of the distribution to the NACO nodes must be loaded in the order received to assure that the files stay in Sync.  The files for March 14 and March 15 have been loaded at OCLC.  The file for March 16 is in process.  We will continue to load the files with all deliberate speed at OCLC until we are caught up to date.  I apologize that my overly optimistic message to this list last week was not accurate in terms of being completed by April 1.  It now looks like it will take several days.  I hesitate to guess at how long it will take, since I was not accurate when I estimated April 1. 


I will update both this list and the OCLC-CAT list later in the week when the loading is up to date and/or with the progress of the loading. 






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Subject: [PCCLIST] Delay in NACO loading at OCLC


OCLC has not loaded the authority record distribution files from the Library of Congress into the OCLC instance of the LC/NACO file for a number of days.  The last successful load was on March 13.  From March 14 onwards, the files have not been loaded.  This problem started with hardware issues at the Library of Congress.  LC has solved their issues, but the delays in files caused loading issues here at OCLC. 


We are actively working on resolving those issues.  We expect resolution and loading of the files before next Monday, April 1. 


Be assured that the daily files of new and changed authority records are being sent to the Library of Congress, so work done in the OCLC copy of the file is getting distributed to LC and to the other NACO nodes.  It is only the return files from the Library of Congress that are not being loaded at OCLC. 


Sincere apologies for this problem and for the inconvenience which it is causing.  I will send an update on Monday, April 1, hopefully with good news about a resolution of the issue. 



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