My understanding has been that when a library changes an existing heading, that library is responsible for also revising all authorities built on that heading, e.g., name/title authorities built on a name AAP. As Charles Herrold pointed out, in the Arnold case there were 159 of them. Numbers like that can be a strong motivator to look for ways to deal with conflicts other than changing an existing heading.


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It’s worth noting that Malcolm Arnold the gastroenterologist has a publicly available date of birth ( There have been enough recent edits that I’m not going to personally jump into the fray, but I wanted to leave that information here for any enterprising NACO member who wanted to disambiguate once and for all.


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Hi everyone,


I just removed the dates from the authorized access point for the composer Malcolm Arnold (LCCN n  79140955). The updated NAR is in distribution. And now that OCLC is current with the loading of NACO files (thanks, Cynthia and colleagues!), the updated NAR should be reflected in OCLC by tomorrow.


The perception of an editing war involving the authority record for the composer and the authority record for the gastroenterologist may have actually been an unfortunate side-effect of the delay in NACO loading over the last couple of weeks.


Thanks, everyone,




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    Here is the record that triggered this unfortunate revision:


010  no2019023922
040  Nz ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc Nz
1001 Arnold, M. ǂq (Malcolm)
370  ǂe Hawke's Bay (N.Z.) ǂ2 naf
373  New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology ǂ2 naf
374  Gastroenterologists ǂ2 lcsh
377  eng
378  ǂq Malcolm
4001 Arnold, Malcolm
670  A critical analysis of the gastroenterology specialist workforce in New Zealand, 2018: ǂb title page (M. Arnold, FRACP) page 10 (Dr Malcolm Arnold, FRCP, FRACP, gastroenterologist (Hawkes Bay), President elect NZSG [New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology])


      LC has subsequently changed that 400 to Arnold, Malcolm ǂc (Gastroenterologist)



I think there was an obligation to find a suitable qualifier, not an onerous task given RDA's flexibility on that point.  Searching Arnold, Malcolm in the NZ OPAC this morning retrieves the form without dates. My point is worth making again: there are 159 name-title records for the composer, and every one of those will have to be revised if NZ's change is allowed to stand.  That's what I call really compounding everyone's file maintenance. I hope LC's music catalogers are following this discussion.  (I will make sure they know.)


Chuck Herrold

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Do we know for certain that NZ don’t have a heading in one of their own databases, with which this conflicts? I was always under the impression that additions could be made for domestic conflicts as well as for conflicts within LC/NAF.


I think that once legal data is added to a heading, even if it is of debatable necessity, it compounds the problem for everyone’s file maintenance if people start taking the data off again. I’ve always told people in my team “well it’s done now, so leave alone”.







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    Well, I hope the dates go away, because there are 159 name-title records that have not been "corrected"!  If I read the timestamps correctly, LC removed the date within a couple of weeks of the change, at the end of February, but the New Zealand folks went back in in late March to restore their version.  I think someone at LC ought to send a cease-and-desist order to Wellington.

Chuck Herrold

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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Subject: Re: [PCCLIST] Heading "Arnold, Malcolm"


This is a recurring problem in the NAF, where dates are added to a name even though there is no need to do so under current policies.  That can cause unnecessary bib maintenance, but on the other hand, unqualified personal names can be a real pain in authority control as well.


The changes to Arnold seem to have been sparked when Arnold, M. ǂq (Malcolm) was established.  It had a 400 which was creating a conflict.  LC resolved that conflict in the standard way by adding an occupation, so now the composer doesn’t need the dates in the heading.



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The 100 field heading for Malcolm Arnold (n  79140955) has seen its $d come and go over the past few weeks.  Will there be a final decision on the matter, considering there are plenty of name-title headings that may or may not need attention as well?



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