Or we could establish the Franklin Pierce Adams poem that turned "Tinker to
Evans to Chance" into a thing, and include the three players in 500s with
"has subject person" elements.


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> Any relationship that a cataloger thinks is useful can be recorded in
> authorities.  But I agree that a relationship designator, if one is
> appropriate, would be beneficial.  If not, it is useful to record the
> nature of the relationship in a 678 biography or corporate history note.
>  Since Cosa was recruited by Columbus to help in his voyage, I think
> "assistant to" is better than "colleague".  I added that, along with the
> relationship to the Santa Maria ship he owned and captained, and a
> biography note.
> Ultimately, if you want to link Tinker to Evers to Chance, and you think
> it would be useful to other catalogers or library users, then you may.
> Maybe we need to submit a proposal to establish a new designator for
> "teammate".
> :)
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> Subject: Juan de la Cosa and Christopher Columbus
> Can anyone explain why these two historical figures are linked by means of
> a 500 "see also from" on the NAR of Juan de la Cosa (lccn no 91003367)?
> Juan de la Cosa was the owner and captain of the Santa MarĂ­a and was with
> Columbus on at least his first two voyages, so that is the connection.
> There is no relationship designator. The only one I can see in Appendix
> K.2.1 that might be applicable is "colleague," or possibly the subordinated
> "co-worker," but neither seems really appropriate for this particular
> relationship.
> But why is the reference even there? (It is the only "see also from" for
> Columbus.) It was added to Cosa's NAR in 2015, after the record had already
> been RDA-ified.
> Should we connect all historical figures who are linked with others by
> means of 500s? Do Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance need this
> treatment on their NARs to connect them in the NAF, as well as in song and
> story? (They could go down as "co-workers," I guess.)
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