Or we could establish the Franklin Pierce Adams poem that turned "Tinker to Evans to Chance" into a thing, and include the three players in 500s with "has subject person" elements.


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Any relationship that a cataloger thinks is useful can be recorded in authorities.  But I agree that a relationship designator, if one is appropriate, would be beneficial.  If not, it is useful to record the nature of the relationship in a 678 biography or corporate history note.   Since Cosa was recruited by Columbus to help in his voyage, I think "assistant to" is better than "colleague".  I added that, along with the relationship to the Santa Maria ship he owned and captained, and a biography note.

Ultimately, if you want to link Tinker to Evers to Chance, and you think it would be useful to other catalogers or library users, then you may.  Maybe we need to submit a proposal to establish a new designator for "teammate".


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Can anyone explain why these two historical figures are linked by means of a 500 "see also from" on the NAR of Juan de la Cosa (lccn no 91003367)?

Juan de la Cosa was the owner and captain of the Santa María and was with Columbus on at least his first two voyages, so that is the connection. There is no relationship designator. The only one I can see in Appendix K.2.1 that might be applicable is "colleague," or possibly the subordinated "co-worker," but neither seems really appropriate for this particular relationship.

But why is the reference even there? (It is the only "see also from" for Columbus.) It was added to Cosa's NAR in 2015, after the record had already been RDA-ified.

Should we connect all historical figures who are linked with others by means of 500s? Do Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance need this treatment on their NARs to connect them in the NAF, as well as in song and story? (They could go down as "co-workers," I guess.)

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