I was surprised at the number of "brothers" names established with 100 tags (Bratʹi︠a︡ Presni︠a︡kovy, nr2004014612; Fabulous Dell Brothers, no2014129452; Gandy Brothers, no2016045217; Hennegan Brothers, no2010071439; Javna Brothers, no2017112167; etc.). Still, the vast majority of AAPs of this type are established as 110s. "The X Brothers" is a collective name, not a personal name, and should be established as a corporate entity, not a personal entity.


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I am seeking a PSD ruling on authorities for "brothers." 

There seems to be a discrepancy in seeing two brothers as either a corporate body or a form of pseudonym, e.g.

110 2  Bratří Čapkové   (n 88092947 )

100 0 Bratʹi︠a︡ Alovy  (n 2003052816)

Each authority represents two literary authors who are not a company's name.

What is the right form?

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