Unless she wrote 2 autobiographies, there seems to be an another translation of her autobiography by a different translator and published in a different year ( It was translated from the Russian original. Here’s the Russian original:


It’s worth investigating.





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I have a question about what to do when a preferred title is unknown/undiscoverable. The specific example I have is a translation of a work into English but the title in the original language is not given on the piece. I have done research looking for the original language, but have not found anything.


The book I’m cataloging is: Life in two worlds / Marevna Vorobev ; translated by Benet Nash.  Vorobev was Russian but also lived for years in France (as well as England), so the original language was her manuscript could potentially have been in Russian or French.

The preface states: “The manuscript which my old friend Marevna forwarded to me proved to be memoirs of her long life …”


I’m wondering if it’s necessary to establish a provisional authorized access point for: Life in two worlds. $l English

Or whether it’s reasonable to consider the preferred title to be the English language title and establish the AAP as such?


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