Gary, I am organizing the Historical Track for the AES Convention. None of
my presenters will be asked to pay the fee since they are panelists and
presenters as outlined above. I do not believe there is any deception in
play as you suggest, since the overwhelming majority of those involved will
be designated as presenters/panelists for their workshops or panels.


Gary Gottlieb
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Conference Policy Committee, Audio Engineering Society
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Author, Shaping Sound in the Studio and Beyond, Recording on the Go & How
Does It Sound Now? (Winner of the 2010 ARSC Award for Excellence in
Historical Recorded Sound Research)

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> Jessica,
> This is simply playing word games. The AES has substituted a Presenting
> Author Fee for the convention registration fee. Either way, the presenter
> pays $470.00. In the past, there was no presenting author fee and
> presenters got a free, all-access badge for the convention. So, presenters
> now have to pay $470.00, whereas before they paid nothing.
> And, it's a real slap in the face to Life Members and Fellows, who
> previously got their all-access registration fees waved. Now, if they
> present, they have to pay $470.00, whereas in the past they paid nothing.
> There is no misinformation, as I see it.
> Gary
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> There has been some misleading information circulating about speaker fees
> for the AES convention. Per the convention organizers:
> Presenters/panelists who participate in the AES 147th
> workshops/tutorials/masterclasses program will receive a complimentary
> Four-day All Access Badge and will NOT be required to pay a registration
> fee.
> The Presenting Author Fee is different than and separate from the
> registration fee, and is required for all presenting authors with
> peer-reviewed papers or engineering briefs.
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