On 5/5/2019 10:06 PM, Corey Bailey wrote:
> Hi John,
> I prefer cassette decks with a dual capstan mechanism for playback. The 
> reason is that cassettes, particularly old ones, tend to skew and a dual 
> capstan deck will hold azimuth better throughout the length to the tape. 
> Some Nakamichi's also have the added feature of a pressure pad lifter. 
> If you are going to consider a NAK, be sure and buy one that was built 
> post 1982. Dual capstan decks are expensive, even used which, I think, 
> is the only way you will find one. The Tascam that you mention is 
> current but a good used dual capstan machine will out perform it, hands 
> down.

I second Corey's feelings; I find the audible difference between a Nak 
and any othe cassette deck is painfully obvious, on tapes of high or low 
quality -- even the Tascam, which is the best conventional design I've 
heard, doesn't measure up. The Nak's pressure pad lifter puts it into a 
whole different category.


> My $0.02
> Corey
> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
> On 5/5/2019 7:19 AM, John Schroth wrote:
>> Hoping to get some input from everyone.
>> I'd like to add a Tascam 122 cassette deck to our inventory. I've been 
>> studying up on the different models, reading conflicting reports. Does 
>> anyone have recommendations on which of the models they prefer - the 
>> original 122, MK-II or MK-III?
>> Thanks in advance for any input.
>> Kind Regards,
>> John Schroth

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