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from 1997-2007 I regularly attended AES Conventions, both in Europe and in the
U.S. and contributed papers, not the least for getting the free registration
to paper sessions and exhibition. 50 copies of the 'Preprint' (later 'Convention
Paper') were included free for the author. Now, of course as an AES member you
have free access to all papers. I published 12 in all.

In the autumn of 1997 I emulated Michael Gerzon and Richard Heyser (sans 
comparaison, otherwise) and provided more than one paper in New York, one of
them, which has become something of a standard work on the acoustic recording
of Victor and Gramophone Co., was the fattest Preprint AES ever printed. There
was a stereoscopic inlay sheet specially prepared for this Preprint, but the
organizers managed to leave the supply behind (and only those who bought the
Preprint there and then in New York ever got any), and they were never scanned
for the digital version that is now online. The editing and lay-out staff were
fabulous to work with. There is none of that now, you have to write your 
manuscript into a standardised form.

I stopped contributing when the perks went, and that was much earlier than 
recited below. Another reason was that the general content removed itself
quite far from my interests.

In the beginning the author was King and had a special badge with decorations
if you had been a recurring author. Now the exhibitor is King. The exhibitor
brings the modern material that has little relationship to the historical 
matters I deal with. But it is commercial and good for trade.

Best wishes,


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Hi Scott,

No, I have not heard who makes these decisions, but I would think that the Board of Governors must approve a change like this. If I hear anything more, I'll let the list know. I also sent my email to the ARSC Technical Committee email list, since several members of that committee have presented at AES in the past. 

I believe you are right - this may come back to bite them. 


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Thank you for pointing that out! Even at the recent Dublin conference they were still offering complimentary registration to presenters, so this is a stark change. I suspect it will dampen the enthusiasm of potential speakers somewhat. Does anyone know the backstory on this?

Scott Burgess

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> Hi Everyone,
> When I got back from the Portland conference, I got an email from a friend who has given numerous presentations at the Audio Engineering Society conventions, going back to the 1980s. He is now a Life Member of the AES. He was thinking of submitting a paper proposal to the AES for the fall convention in New York City. But, he looked at the Call for Contributions page and found some rather surprising news:
> He even wondered if he had read it wrong. He hadn't.
> In the past, the AES gave presenters a one-day, all-access free pass to the convention, as a courtesy. This year, they are charging a "Presenting Author Fee" of $470.00 - essentially making presenters register for the full convention.
> It's still AES policy that Life Members and Fellows get a free, all-access pass to the convention. But, even Life Members and Fellows must now pay $470 in order to present.
> I know that some ARSC members will point out that we require presenters to register for the conference if they are presenting, but I don't think it's directly comparable. First, our registration fee is a little over a third of what AES charges. Second, the AES has 120 sustaining member organizations that pump big money into the organization to help sustain them. We have nothing comparable, and our membership is a fraction of that of the AES. Besides, I believe ARSC presenters only need to register for the day they are presenting, which is only $85, and not the entire conference (correct me if I'm wrong on this).
> I know there are ARSC members on this list who have presented at AES in the past, so I just thought I would share this news with you, since some of you may be impacted by this change in policy.
> Best,
> Gary
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