Hi, All,

I am working on a multi-tape project done in 1/4-track and I had cobbled 
together a quarter track assembly for an A80. I was adjusting the 
azimuth when sproing--the screw stripped out. I had another A80 head 
block I got when i purchased my load that had the same issue. The hole 
can be drilled out and threaded and have a screw insert put in, so it's 
repairable, but I don't have time or the parts to do it right now. So I 
looked for another solution and thought I'd mention this issue.

When I put together another Sony APR-5000 quarter track head block, to 
continue this project, I noticed the azimuth screw was very stiff, so I 
pulled it out and lubricated it with a few drops of Kluber Constant GLY 
2100 lithium soap -- what Studer used in their late model capstan motors 
and my go-to lubricant for mechanical linkages.

Works like an absolute charm now!



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