Agreed.   In servicing many tape machines over many years I dont recall ever 
seeing any original oil or grease on the thread of an azimuth adjuster. When 
tape machines were made, it  was probably reasonable  to expect  that an 
azimuth adjuster wouldnt need to be repeatedly moved.


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> It sounds to me like an eminently practical solution to the problem, but 
> not particularly sexy, so it may be.....
> Best,
> Gary
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> this all sounds very sexy or it's my dirty mind?
> F
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>> Hi, All,
>> I am working on a multi-tape project done in 1/4-track and I had cobbled
>> together a quarter track assembly for an A80. I was adjusting the
>> azimuth when sproing--the screw stripped out. I had another A80 head
>> block I got when i purchased my load that had the same issue. The hole
>> can be drilled out and threaded and have a screw insert put in, so it's
>> repairable, but I don't have time or the parts to do it right now. So I
>> looked for another solution and thought I'd mention this issue.
>> When I put together another Sony APR-5000 quarter track head block, to
>> continue this project, I noticed the azimuth screw was very stiff, so I
>> pulled it out and lubricated it with a few drops of Kluber Constant GLY
>> 2100 lithium soap -- what Studer used in their late model capstan motors
>> and my go-to lubricant for mechanical linkages.
>> Works like an absolute charm now!
>> Cheers,
>> Richard
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