Hi John,

I think the 122 MkIII is the one most desired for  transfers. It's the three 
head, non reversing version of the series.
It's a two motor beltless design but the otherwise rugged capstan motor's 
Surface Mount caps  fail after some years and need to be replaced (about 7 

The head sled design is gear driven but the plastic gears eventually fail. 
Hopefully spares for these small gears will still be around for a while.

The pinch roller is rather small in diameter. Again hopefully spares of 
these will still be available for some time.

The sandwich head (record and play) is interesting in that the felt pressure 
pad bears on the record head and  mostly misses the play head. This is good 
for long play head life but the record head eventually develops a  wear 
groove from the brutal felt pad.  It will be interesting to see for how much 
longer the original sandwich head part can still be obtained.

Like many cassette machines, installing a front panel azimuth adjuster isnt 
straightforward.  I designed and fitted a simple direct  adjuster in 2010 
using just hand tools but I'm sure a more sophisticated design could be or 
has been implemented. The main problem is the lack of room as any direct 
adjuster is  close to the function buttons right near the head.

Hope this helps.

Tim Gillett
Perth, Western Australia

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> Hoping to get some input from everyone.
> I'd like to add a Tascam 122 cassette deck to our inventory. I've been 
> studying up on the different models, reading conflicting reports. Does 
> anyone have recommendations on which of the models they prefer - the 
> original 122, MK-II or MK-III?
> Thanks in advance for any input.
> Kind Regards,
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