On 5/29/19 8:40 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> Hi, Michael,
> I bought a litre of that about 2002 when I had both Stucer A807s and 
> A810s. I also bought the PDP65. I think I have most of each litre 
> left. I thought they sold tiny sample jars, too.

There is often someone on eBay selling GLY2100 in small bottles, but 
today the only listing I see is from someone in Australia, and the 
shipping is quite expensive.

> Anyway, at the hardware store, my current favourite is Tri-Flo. I used 
> to like LPS-1, but I think Tri-Flo is better for this. TBH, I haven't 
> tried Tri-Flo in this application but I use it all the time for hinges 
> and stuff around the house. My garage door company suggested Jig-A-Loo 
> (may be Canadian) for the bearings and tracks, but I haven't used it 
> for as many things as Tri-Flo. Back around 1990 when I was on the 
> Compuserve Photography Forum, several people recommended Tri-Flo for 
> tripods and it worked great there.

I have found that Tri-Flo dries out after a few months.  I like 
something that stays liquid as it ages, like Krytox GPL105, which is a 
very slippery low viscosity synthetic oil.  (Works well on scrape 
flutter idler bearings, among other things.) has a 1 ounce 
bottle for $25.91.  If you want a similar grease, try Krytox GPL205.

-- John Chester