Hi, Lou,

I would NOT use Tri-Flo on any A807 motor. The capstan motors with the 
red labels must have GLY2100, without the read label, PDP65, both Kluber.

I am only suggesting Tri-Flo on moving parts, but not tape path moving 
parts or motors. I have found it superior to replace ball bearings 
rather than trying to relubricate them. Sintered bronze sleeve bearings 
are complex and need to be "fed" the same oil that they were made with.

Azimuth screws, pinch roller linkages, tape lifters, hum shields are 
good candidates for Tri Flo, but I think in all those applications I 
like GLY2100 better.

As I said, ask Kluber if they are still selling the small sample bottles.



On 2019-05-29 9:37 p.m., Lou Judson wrote:
> Excellent thing to know! I’ve used Tri-Flo a lot, especiallyfor mic stand threads, but onlyknew of it in sprat cans. So you made me look, and 2oz. bottles are $4.99 at Ace Hardware.
> Thanks! Can this be apropriate for my A-807? I was given a tiny bottle of machine oil with it but it seems to have dried up since I last looked…

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