I had forgotten about Krytox. It is an excellent lubricant but has some 
downsides. It showed up in my tape relubrication research, but I would 
strongly urge against using it for that purpose. It is apparently very 
difficult to remove and does not evaporate (good for azimuth screws and 
flutter idlers and such), but horrid for tape relubrication, which is 
why I've settled on D5 and also because D5 is allegedly fairly safe, 
being a component of personal care products.

Considering the TriFlo dries out in John's experience, that would be a 
good reason not to use it, but I'm not certain drying out is bad in this 
case as Tri-Flo is, at least in part, based on teflon, which I think 
remains after the liquid carrier dries out, but I've not done a detailed 
chemical/physical analysis. The hinges and such I lubricate with Tri-Flo 
seem to last for many years before needing another treatment. It has 
actually created situations where I've needed to add a door stop or hold 
back to keep a door open that didn't close on its own prior to 
lubricating <smile>.

I'm still a fan of the GLY2100.



On 2019-05-30 3:22 a.m., Corey Bailey wrote:
> Hi all,
> I keep a tube of Lubit-8 around the studio for such tasks. It has a 
> dispenser needle that makes it very handy for applying a small amount to 
> a specific area or screw. You can easily find it.
> As John Chester noted, Krytox is excellent. I usually get it at 
> McMaster-Carr
> Cheers!
> Corey
> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
> On 5/29/2019 6:36 PM, John Chester wrote:
>> On 5/29/19 8:40 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>>> Hi, Michael,
>>> I bought a litre of that about 2002 when I had both Stucer A807s and 
>>> A810s. I also bought the PDP65. I think I have most of each litre 
>>> left. I thought they sold tiny sample jars, too.
>> There is often someone on eBay selling GLY2100 in small bottles, but 
>> today the only listing I see is from someone in Australia, and the 
>> shipping is quite expensive.
>>> Anyway, at the hardware store, my current favourite is Tri-Flo. I 
>>> used to like LPS-1, but I think Tri-Flo is better for this. TBH, I 
>>> haven't tried Tri-Flo in this application but I use it all the time 
>>> for hinges and stuff around the house. My garage door company 
>>> suggested Jig-A-Loo (may be Canadian) for the bearings and tracks, 
>>> but I haven't used it for as many things as Tri-Flo. Back around 1990 
>>> when I was on the Compuserve Photography Forum, several people 
>>> recommended Tri-Flo for tripods and it worked great there.
>> I have found that Tri-Flo dries out after a few months.  I like 
>> something that stays liquid as it ages, like Krytox GPL105, which is a 
>> very slippery low viscosity synthetic oil.  (Works well on scrape 
>> flutter idler bearings, among other things.) has a 1 ounce 
>> bottle for $25.91.  If you want a similar grease, try Krytox GPL205.
>> -- John Chester

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