Dear  Paul, Steve, Maristella and George

Thank you so much for your answers. I apologize for my silence these days, but I’ve been away from my computer.

Please find, attached, a partial list of 16-inch sound recordings in our collections.  Some of them are “acetate” discs [I know; we are missusing the term]. Most of the sound recordings are American, but some others came from Canada and Tanger (Pan American Radio).

As our sound technician experienced some health problems during the transfer of the “acetates”, we are trying to know if there is any other institution having the same content already digitized, before hiring someone else to do it.

As Steve suggested, these kind of collections might have been catalogued in an archival way, which is a bit more difficult to retrieve than a bibliographical one. We have MGM 16-inch sound recordings cataloged in an archival way too.

Best regards from Barcelona,


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    I forgot one thing. The Voice of America was one of the programs produced by the U.S. government and these recordings (large discs; known as V-discs) were distributed to Europe.
   The Voice of America Museum can be contacted here:
    The Smithsonian Institute has a collection of v-discs and others likely from government sources. Searching for them, by me, was not very successful:

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