I wonder if there are enough people here to make it worth buying a 25L container and splitting it? I am certainly keen to get some.

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Hi, Michael,

I bought a litre of that about 2002 when I had both Stucer A807s and A810s. I also bought the PDP65. I think I have most of each litre left.
I thought they sold tiny sample jars, too.

Anyway, at the hardware store, my current favourite is Tri-Flo. I used to like LPS-1, but I think Tri-Flo is better for this. TBH, I haven't tried Tri-Flo in this application but I use it all the time for hinges and stuff around the house. My garage door company suggested Jig-A-Loo (may be Canadian) for the bearings and tracks, but I haven't used it for as many things as Tri-Flo. Back around 1990 when I was on the Compuserve Photography Forum, several people recommended Tri-Flo for tripods and it worked great there.

Hope this helps!



On 2019-05-29 8:21 p.m., Michael Andrec wrote:
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> wrote:
>> I noticed the azimuth screw was very stiff, so I pulled it out and
>> lubricated it with a few drops of Kluber Constant GLY
>> 2100 lithium soap -- what Studer used in their late model capstan
>> motors and my go-to lubricant for mechanical linkages.
> For those of us who do not have lots of gear and are not constantly
> lubricating adjustment screws or mechanical linkages, can you suggest
> a reasonable alternative to Constant GLY 2100? The Kl├╝ber website
> seems to indicate that it's only sold in 25 liter pails, which at our
> level of usage would last a couple dozen lifetimes (approximately)...
> We have a machine with a stiff azimuth adjustment, so I'm curious.
> m

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