Can you tell us more about the collection at the Biblioteca de Catalunya? It looks like the Office of International Information was begun in 1946; here is some information about the program:

While the Voice of America has been under various government agencies, including the State Department, it is not necessarily Voice of America content, but may have originated with other public diplomacy and information efforts. The museum in Ohio, to my knowledge, focuses on the broadcast history of the Ohio site rather than large collections of content.

For content, the U.S. National Archives and Record Administration is likely to have content of this nature associated with Record Group 59:

Many of these may still be in unprocessed holdings, and the contents accessible on the NARA site don't reflect the extent of the holdings, so it is important to contact them for more information.


Maristella Feustle

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Subject: [EXT] [ARSCLIST] Department of State. Office of International Information. International Broadcasting Division sound recordings

Dear colleagues,

The Biblioteca de Catalunya holds a collection of 16-inch radio transcriptions recordings from the USA's Department of State. Office of International Information. International Broadcasting Division, together with other similar sound recordings coming from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Tangerĺs Pan American Radio.

We are looking for a sister collection anywhere to complete the information about them. We would have thought that the Library of Congress would be the proper place to preserve them, but we could only find a few.

Could you please help?

Thank you in advance.

Margarida Ullate i Estanyol
Unitat de Sonors i Audiovisuals
Biblioteca de Catalunya

Carrer Hospital, 56 | 08001 Barcelona | 93 270 23 00 (Ext. 84013166)

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