Re NARA Holdings: One of the facts of life for an organization as prolific
as the U.S. Government, is that archival collections of all sorts are
heavily curated at multiple levels to determine what constitutes a
"Permanently Valuable" record. A (language) version of that content may
exist at NARA, but not necessarily in Spanish (let alone Catalonian).

Best of luck with your project!

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> V-discs were a separate operation from the Voice of America. Here is a
> brief history:
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> Information. International Broadcasting Division sound recordings
>     I forgot one thing. The Voice of America was one of the programs
> produced by the U.S. government and these recordings (large discs; known
> as V-discs) were distributed to Europe.
>     The Voice of America Museum can be contacted here:
>      The Smithsonian Institute has a collection of v-discs and others
> likely from government sources. Searching for them, by me, was not very
> successful:
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