Hi Corey!
Thanks a lot. It’s not that I’m in the market for one immediately. I was just thinking of whether or not I should dream of owning one someday.
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Hi Abhimonyu'

Richard Hess uses the Nakamichi Dragon exclusively and swears by them. I 
would probably swear at them because I've had two Naks fail because of 
logic problems and the main logic chip has been unobtainium for some 
time. The two Naks that I had fail weren't cheap and the Dragon is on a 
whole other level as far as cost (and specs). The Nak models of that 
flip the cassette are the 202, 303 & 505. Maybe more.



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On 5/5/2019 11:52 PM, Abhimonyu Deb wrote:
>  Does anyone have first hand experience with the Nakamichi Dragon? I was young at the time, but I remember that it had auto azimuth control in realtime by splitting the right track into 2 signals and comparing the phase between them.
> I think this was the model that also had a robotic arm to flip the cassette for auto reverse instead of rotating the record / playback head.
> Abhimonyu DebKolkata, India
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>  Agreed on these points. NAKs are the bestfor me. But how can you tell when it was made? Is there a handy chart of models and years?
> I thought the DR-1 was excellent (still do), until I came across a “CassetteDeck1” which performs even better in my transfer projects. I find the DR-1shows more “spill” on a SpectraFoo lissajous than the CassetteDeck1, when I am watching the azimuth display…
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>> Hi John,
>> I prefer cassette decks with a dual capstan mechanism for playback. The reason is that cassettes, particularly old ones, tend to skew and a dual capstan deck will hold azimuth better throughout the length to the tape. Some Nakamichi's also have the added feature of a pressure pad lifter. If you are going to consider a NAK, be sure and buy one that was built post 1982. Dual capstan decks are expensive, even used which, I think, is the only way you will find one. The Tascam that you mention is current but a good used dual capstan machine will out perform it, hands down.
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