Appreciate all the responses!

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Hi Anselm,

The green material in those pinch rollers is (I think) polurethane and it 
eventually goes the way that yours have. There's no alternative but to 
replace or have someone like Terry's rebuild using your roller's metal hubs 
and bearings.

One of the problems  with replacement pinch rollers these days is 
manufacturers getting the hardness of the roller's original rubber right. 
Ideally the  hardness should be as per the manufacturers' original 
specification for that machine/model, but after all this time it may not be 
so easy to determine that figure, as original samples will have long ago 
perished in one way or another.

After fitting the new/remanufactured pinch roller to the machine, and 
cleaning and lubing the bearing as needed, it's advised to readjust pinch 
roller pressure according to the relevent service manual.


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The pinch rollers on our two Studer B67 machines are disintegrating and I 
would appreciate suggestions on where to get replacements.

I'm putting up a couple of photos of the state of our current rollers in 
case anyone wants to take a look and tell me what is going on. The machines 
are not used frequently (once every six months) and playing a tape the other 
day seems to have started the breakdown or at least made it very evident. 
The tape plays without incident on a Sony-O-Matic machine (APH version).

Thanks in advance.

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