PCC Program Contacts and Funnel Coordinators,


The PCC election will open May 29, 2019 and will end Friday June 14, 2019 at midnight (EDT).


Note: The 2019 election marks the first time that voters will cast their ballots within the PCC Directory System (PCCD).  Once the election has started, the system will send a notification to the primary NACO contact listed in PCCD accounts of institutions and funnel coordinators eligible to vote in the election.


To cast your vote and see the candidate ballots you must login to your institution’s NACO account in the PCCD.  Directors do not have profiles in the PCCD, but NACO contacts can provide their directors with the institutional logon credentials or directors may designate the NACO contact to cast their vote.     


To assist directors in making their selections, we have posted the candidate biographies on the PCC website:


Directors (or equivalent officers) of voting PCC institutions may delegate voting rights to another person from their institution (e.g. the institution’s BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, or SACO representative) but cannot give their right to vote to someone who already has voting rights due to their own role in the PCC (e.g. a PCC funnel coordinator).


Funnel coordinators, please cast a single ballot on behalf of the members of the funnel you coordinate.


Please review the Guidelines for voting in the PoCo election for further instructions on casting ballots in the PCCD.


This is your opportunity to help your institution exercise its voting rights as a PCC institution or for you to vote on behalf of the funnel you coordinate. 


Please email the PCC secretariat at [log in to unmask] if you require voting assistance.




Les Hawkins

Coordinator, CONSER Program

Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division

Library of Congress


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