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Hi everyone,

In preparation for the transition to a linked data environment, the NACO CJK Funnel, under the coordination of Shi Deng, University of California, San Diego, and the Project Oversight Committee, Jia Xu, Chair, is beginning a NACO CJK Funnel References clean-up project to evaluate non-Latin script references in NACO CJK differentiated (008/32 code “a”) personal name authority records.

The NACO CJK Funnel References Project will begin on May 15, 2019.

Here is some historical background:

●        In 2008, OCLC prepopulated the LC/NACO Authority File with non-Latin references derived from non-Latin bibliographic headings in OCLC WorldCat
●        480,000 NACO records were updated
●        The OCLC prepopulation was based on matching romanized forms in the authority record and in the bibliographic record - it was known at the time that this was not a perfect match in all cases for CJK languages, especially for Chinese, because the same romanized form may be represented by different character strings in CJK languages
●        This means that CJK NACO records may contain non-Latin variants that do not refer to the actual identity in the authority record
●        Providing access through the prepopulated non-Latin variants was deemed greater at the time than the potential inclusion of non-Latin variants that did not represent the same identity
●        A future clean-up project was recommended at the time
Here is how the project will work:

●        The NACO CJK Funnel has identified 80,956 differentiated CJK personal name authority records (47,937 Chinese, 19,981 Japanese, 13,038 Korean) that contain multiple non-Latin references and a 667 field note “Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project”
●        A call for NACO CJK catalogers to volunteer for the project will be sent out. Training will be provided
●        Participating NACO CJK catalogers will review the non-Latin references in these records individually, checking OCLC bibliographic records as needed
●        Any incorrect non-Latin variant(s) will be removed
●        A 667 field with the text “Non-Latin script references reviewed in NACO CJK Funnel References Project” will be added to the reviewed record
●        The Reference evaluation (008/29) value “b” will not be changed, unless the review of a record results in the removal of all non-Latin variants, in which case the 008/29 value will be changed to “a” or “n” and the corresponding 667 field “Non-Latin script reference not evaluated” will be removed
●        Any record not already coded RDA will be re-coded to RDA
●        It is anticipated that the project will last approximately 2 years

Project Guidelines<>

●        Background, Scope, and General guidelines
●        Specific cases with CJK examples
A note on pseudonyms in NACO CJK records:

●        Members of the NACO CJK Funnel References Project acknowledge that some of the authority records may contain multiple identities and they will not be handled in the regular manner prescribed in DCM Z1 008/32
For the near term, the NACO CJK Funnel References Project will be conducted only by project members who have volunteered and been selected to participate.

As the project proceeds and initial results are assessed, project expansion to include other NACO CJK catalogers will be considered.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to contact Jia Xu ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>), Chair of the Project Oversight Committee, and/or Shi Deng ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>), CJK NACO Project Coordinator.

It is very exciting to see the NACO CJK Funnel References Project become a reality. The Project Oversight Committee has done outstanding work to analyze and scope out the project. Gary Strawn also has contributed considerably to the project through his expert work in extracting the initial set of personal name authority records.

How many times have you recognized the need for a particular authority clean-up project? How many times has that project come to fruition? The NACO CJK Funnel References Project is an example of a needed authority clean-up project that has become a reality, thanks to the hard work and dedication of members of the NACO CJK Funnel and the Project Oversight Committee.



Paul Frank
Coordinator, NACO and SACO Programs
Library of Congress
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