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This is an invitation to participate in an online survey on the extent to which academic librarians in the United States have integrated non-MARC metadata work within their cataloging units, how recently they have done so, the types of activities being performed by different levels of personnel both within and outside cataloging/metadata units, and how leadership for this work is organized.

If you are a librarian who is the PRIMARY manager of non-MARC metadata activities within a cataloging unit or units at a college or university that offers at least a bachelor's degree or higher, you are encouraged to fill out this survey.  Heads of cataloging may also fill it out if there is no cataloging/metadata specialist primarily assigned to this role within such a unit  In order to participate, survey respondents should be knowledgeable about how such work is organized at their libraries, and what tasks are performed by different types of personnel both within and outside cataloging units.

If you are a head of a cataloging unit that has NOT integrated non-MARC activities into their workflows at this time, you are also encouraged to complete this survey and answer questions about reasons for not doing so, obstacles faced, and future plans.

While many libraries have transitioned their catalogers away from solely performing "traditional cataloging" using MARC to working with non-MARC metadata, some libraries may have struggled to do so, chosen not to take on such work, or assigned more limited roles to catalogers in this area.  It is hoped that the results of this survey can provide an updated "snapshot" of the extent to which cataloging units have incorporated non-MARC metadata into their workflows, and how they have done so.

The link to the informed consent and the survey is below.  If you choose to participate, please have it completed by May 24th.

If you have any questions, please contact the researcher using information below:

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