We are working to finish the billing process in the next couple of weeks.  They should be out before May 20, 2019.


A quick look at the materials, indicates the library materials are generally lower. If there are increases, they are for the most part not significant.


We are having trouble with estimating shipping because of the change in Bangkok shipping that is still being investigated. We have ruled out courier because of the high costs.


For Bangkok we are basing the estimates on sea freight with postage added in the US, but probably underestimating the cost because the office will not be having a full container like we do for Jakarta (LCL less than container load).   As a result, it is likely the office will require a supplemental billing for the Bangkok shipping.  As soon as we have sufficient information on the shipping, we will take steps to revise if necessary. 



Carol L. Mitchell, M.L.S., Ph.D.

Library of Congress, Southeast Asia Office

American Embassy, Jakarta


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