Hello fellow LIS Org/Cataloging/Metadata instructors,

At Simmons, in our core Info Org course, for years we have been giving the students a searching assignment in OCLC Connexion for a couple of reasons: (1) they get comfortable with MARC that way, (2) they learn the back-end of WorldCat, and (3) they learn to search in a variety of ways (numeric searches, derived searches, keyword searches, scanning titles, etc.). I am debating whether I should continue using this assignment. It has a steep learning curve. The students need time to work through my OCLC searching tutorial before they can work on the assignment. I am wondering if maybe I should put this in one of my cataloging courses instead.

Do you have your students search OCLC Connexion in your entry-level class? In later classes? At all?

I'd really like to know.