And note that mods:accessCondition maps to dc:rights and is intended for
right statements that indicate rights to access or use the resource
(although the MODS element name implies a narrower definition). But many
rights statements are about access or use.


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> According to the MODS tag library, accesscondition is for "information
> about restrictions imposed on access to a resource."  An explicit statement
> that there *are* no restrictions is definitely information about
> restrictions, so I'd say that this is exactly the right place for it :)
> Michele
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> Subject: Re: [MODS] Oral history collection metadata
> > I should say that there are not any records that say “Subject did NOT
> consent”.
> > Therefore this metadata does not fit under Access Conditions, I think,
> since if we
> > have the resource it means that subject has consented. These text
> statements
> > merely serve as proof to the user.