NLS Operations Alert


No. 19-33


DATE          :  May 24, 2019

TO               :  Network Libraries

FROM         :  Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division

SUBJECT   :  NLS collaboration with Veterans Affairs



NLS has been working collaboratively with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to educate employees who work with blind and low vision veterans on the services available from NLS and network libraries across the country. During a national conference call yesterday, NLS provided information on the following topics:



During the conference call, NLS instructed VA employees in the Blind Rehabilitation Services (BRS) department on how to obtain BARD accounts from their local talking-book library to facilitate inpatient veteran services and outpatient veteran demonstration and training. Network libraries are now authorized to issue demo-only BARD accounts to outpatient BRS employees. Category C of section 5.12 Deposit Collections (Institutions/BARD) of the Network Library Manual will be updated to reflect this policy change. Library staff should be aware that there may be an influx of institutional applications for service. Please make every effort to expedite these applications and approve BARD account requests associated with them.    


For more information, please contact:

Richard Smith

Chief, Network Division

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