NLS Operations Alert


No. 19-28


DATE         :   May 8, 2019

TO             :   Network Libraries

FROM        :   Kristen Fernekes, Head, Communications and Outreach Section

SUBJECT   :   Marrakesh Treaty



Today, May 8, marks the first day of the United States participation in the Marrakesh Treaty. NLS is very pleased with this latest step toward making it easier for those with print disabilities in signatory nations to access printed works in accessible formats, such as braille and digital audio files.


NLS is working across the Library of Congress and throughout the Legislative Branch to bring existing U.S. laws in line with the treaty while developing new processes necessary for full implementation. On the NLS main public website, we have added a page to address some of the questions the general public may have.


Please visit


The Network Division of NLS has also created a document specific to Network Libraries. Please find this document (Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Facts for Network Libraries) attached.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. Questions should be directed to your NLS network consultant. We will be updating both the public website and network libraries as circumstances warrant.


Attachment: Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Facts for Network Libraries [MS Word (DOCX) / 4 p.]


For more information, please contact:

Richard Smith
Chief, Network Division
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