Hi ARSC folks,

A question especially for the catalogers/archivists here...

In a situation where there are archival audio materials which consist of

- raw material, definitely related to a finished work;
- raw material, which may or may not have been used in a finished work

Can anyone point me to existing standardized terms for audio recordings,
for this type of thing?

The context of this is audio content which often documents work processes
of electronic music, e.g., audio materials and experiments which may have
been incorporated into final works.

In music scores, we have the LCSH:

Musical sketches.

It could work for audio, but I just wondered if there was any
audio-specific thesaurus or other authority that might also have terms?

Any tips much appreciated!

Nick Patterson, Music Librarian
Music & Arts Library, Columbia University
701 Dodge, 2960 Broadway
New York, NY 10027