L-142-4 is Washboard Walter and His Band, 'Narrow Face Blues╣, issued on
Paramount 12954. L-139 to L-141 are unknown.

See Guido van Rijn and Alex van der Tuuk, îNew York Recording Laboratories
Series VolumeOne: The L Matrix Series (1929-1932)╣ (Overveen, The
Netherlands, Agram Blues Books, 2011.)

Chris Smith

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>Hello ARSC-list,
>I am trying to locate the artist who recorded for Paramount in November
>of 1929, matrices L-139 - L-142.
>I do not own Vreede╣s Paramount 12000-13000, but these are probably 11000
>series anyway. Can anybody help me out?
>Thank you!
>Terri Brinegar 
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