This is the type of work that Len Horowitz does at

where recently they have been rebuilding, customizing,m updating Ampex
ATR etc for Capitol studios A&B in Los Angeles

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I get the feeling that they are overstating the problem a little bit.
 heads be replaced and surely the ability to manufacture them is no
 away completely. Spares can be made, componants on circuit boards
 Are these things really going to die completely in 6 years? It will
 harder amd more expensive in the long run, but im sure a certain
amount of
 machinery will be kept running for a wjile yet, just luke the BBC's
 machine. It doesn't get used much nows as all the 2" has been
 but it's kept running just incase. I see this more as a plea for more
 funding disguised as a news story.

 The British Library sent out the same sort of story a few years ago
 regards to sound recording and that very few working 1/4" machines
 soon be left working.


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