As I read the posts on this catastrophe, I note the absence of the names of
Decca's classical artists — admittedly, not many — whose masters were
surely destroyed. Jascha Heifetz, Andrés Segovia, Rudolf Ganz, Percy
Grainger, Robert Goldsand et al. all recorded for Decca in the forties,
which were mastered on 16.5-in. lacquers cut vertically. Like Columbia,
approved takes from the lacquers were dubbed to produce the released 78rpm
shellac discs. Heifetz's preserved some extraordinary performances of
encore pieces in which virtuosity was explored to the utmost. Due to the
dates, those lacquers were all glass-based, and were either broken in
transit or burned up in the vault fire. A similar fate befell the others.
It is perhaps a small part of what was destroyed, to be sure, but as
grievous a loss our cultural patrimony as anything else.


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