Hi, Yan,

I teach face-to-face, but I do use online videos to "flip the classroom."
When I needed captioning for a student that was hearing impaired, our
Office of Accessibility Services (formerly, the Offices of Disability
Services) created the captions for the video lectures. I haven't had to do
it myself.


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> Dear Colleagues,
> Greetings!
> I have two questions for your input:
> 1. Do you provide videos for your *online* cataloging course? (For example,
> videos on "How to create a MARC record in OCLC?" "How to use RDA?" etc.
> 2. If you do, how do you deal with the video captioning for each video?
> Students can ask for video captioning transcription at anytime.
> Thank you,
> --Yan
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