I’m trying to locate the reports listed below.


·         De Gaston, A.N., Klinge, M. Decompression. Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California. Human Factors Engineering Report HFE 53, 1987.


·         Aro Equipment of California. (1959). Qualification Test Report, Passenger Oxygen Mask. QTR 59-6.


·         Drayton, F.A. & Carlson, L.D. (1959). Evaluation of prototype passenger oxygen mask assemblies. Boeing Airplane Company, Transport Division. Report No. D6-1954.


·         Hansford, Jr., B. (1965, Revised 1966). Puritan test report on series 114019 passenger, disposable, oxygen mask. Puritan Compressed Gas Corp. Kansas City, KS.


·         Koester, N.B. & Ehrmann, L.K. (1956). Emergency oxygen mask development and tests. Scott Engineering Report No. 554.


·         Maddock, R. W. (Mar. 1963). Project bag, a passenger oxygen mask for high altitude aircraft Aircraft Company: Missile and Space Systems Division. Report no. SM-42564.


·         Reuterskiold, C. (1956). Project bag, a passenger oxygen mask for high altitude aircraft. Scandinavian Airline System.


Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. If payment is needed for a copy of said reports, I’m able to borrow through OCLC or Docline. Thank you.





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