NLS Operations Alert 19-39



DATE                     :   June 12, 2019

TO                          :   Network Libraries

FROM                   :   Joanna Blatchly

SUBJECT               :   Print/braille copy allotment numbers


In preparation for a new print/braille ordering period, NLS will open copy allotment to allow libraries to adjust their print/braille default quantities. Libraries have until Friday, July 12, to submit their print/braille copy allotment change requests.


Please fill out this change request form to notify NLS Production Control of your desired print/braille quantity. The web-based copy allotment system that allows libraries to make the changes directly is currently unavailable for print/braille.


If a library does not submit a request by July 12, its copy allotment assignments will not change.


For more information contact:

Joanna Blatchly

Production Control Specialist

Production Control Section

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