I would really like to be able to say that the preferred title be chosen per, and that the word "antología" be recorded as part of the title proper and not other title information; thus the title proper and preferred title would be El universal ilustrado antología.


However, this is not a simple single work, but something that is both a collection of separate works and selections from a single work. I see some tension between on the one hand and on the other hand. If we are considering this anthology as selections from a single work (the periodical), then applies. But if we're considering it as a compilation of works by different agents, then applies. I suppose the former would probably be the more "correct" approach.


So, it looks like maybe the AAP should be something like Universal ilustrado. Selections (Antología) or Universal ilustrado. Selections (2017).




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Hi Ben, and thanks for your response!


I think the rule that was being applied by the cataloger of #1053572876 is actually the alternative under  The cataloger was treating the content of the anthology as “two or more parts” of a work—specifically, of the original periodical.  (Much as we might use a 240 of “Huckleberry Finn. Selections” if someone were to publish a book containing an assortment of passages from Twain’s book.)  


I am doubtful about this logic, though I can’t state my objection as clearly as I’d like (see below attempt).  I would rather just make a 730 entry for the original periodical, and not treat the anthology as “selections” from it.


What do you think of this


I do agree that if I do this, I do need a uniform title for the anthology, since its title proper conflicts with that of the periodical.  Locally I have used one of your suggestions below—Universal ilustrado (Anthology).




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I also question that subfield k. It seems like a misapplication of the rules at (preferred title for a compilation), but the problem *isn’t* that the work in question has no recognizable title, it’s that the title is already “taken up” by another work (the serial in question).  So we should be looking at 6.27 (constructing access points) instead.


Also I think the preferred title/title access point for the serial in question is not “Universal ilustrado (Mexico : 1917-1928)” but just (see OCLC #7969510) “Universal ilustrado”.


So the UT should be:


Universal ilustrado (2017)


Or perhaps:


Universal ilustrado (Anthology)





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Subject: [PCCLIST] Commemorative anthology as "Selections" of a periodical?



I’ve got a question prompted by an OCLC record I’ve just been working on.

#1053572876 is for an anthology of articles and images from a Mexican periodical called El universal ilustrado.  The record as I found it has a 130:

$a Universal ilustrado (Mexico : 1917-1928). $k Selections

I don’t think the AAP in the $a is constructed correctly, and I’m not sure any qualification is actually needed at all.  (I changed the 130 $a when I did some recataloging, but put it back as it was pending the outcome of this question.)  But what I am most interested in is the concept of this anthology as “Selections” from the original periodical.

I can see it, but I’m also thinking that the essence of a periodical as an aggregate (or aggregating) work is its periodicity itself, and its publishing plan.  Are the individual works within it really component parts of an overall work that is the periodical?  If republished, should they be represented en masse as “Selections” of the periodical work?  It seems doubtful to me.

I’m thinking the better approach might be just to represent the original periodical with a 730.  I picked “Commemoration of” as an RD, though I’m not really thrilled with it.

What do you think?


Pete Wilson

Vanderbilt University