Lighter fluid (heptane) has always been effective in removing adhesive from
acetate magnetic tape. It may work well on the discs but test an
unimportant are a first!


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> I've used Ronsonol lighter fluid to great effect in the past with no
> problems.
> Martin
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] [AESHC] Cleaning grease pencil off discs
> I recently (as in yesterday) acquired some Speak-o-Phone discs. Unlike
> others I have, which are recorded on bare aluminum, these have a lacquer or
> acetate coating on an aluminum substrate. (I'm not going to strike a match
> to find out if it's acetate or lacquer!)
> One disc has two bands. The inner one has been drawn through using grease
> pencil in a pseudo-sine wave shape like you might use to scratch out a line
> of text. I'd like to remove the grease pencil and try playing this band.
> The band without grease pencil is Lily Pons on the Ford Sunday Evening Hour
> from 1941.
> So does anyone know how to remove grease pencil like this without damaging
> the disc?
> Thanks.
> Howard Sanner

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