Hi, I think many of us agree that it's necessary to preserve both the 
raw transfer and the decoded version of a file which has been recorded 
with Dolby or DBX type noise reduction.

When I first thought about it, I never imagined I'd be part of a team 
that would produce a better decoder for Dolby A encoded tapes than 
Dolby, but it's happening and humbling... So, it is a good idea to save 
as much raw data as possible because who knows what else will come along.

Plangent is wonderful, but a bit problematic as it is still inconvenient 
to properly archive the bias, but that's another story, and I think in 
the long run it would be good if we could do that.

MY QUESTION is: Are there any standards or recommendations that say 
"keep the raw undecoded copy as well as keeping the decoded copy?

It's for a paper that Federica and I are writing.




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