I was invited to discuss three "tapes" that a colleague has that appears 
to be about one-inch wide, on metal reels with a hub smaller than an NAB 
or DATA hub. The bottom metal flange had a flat ring on the outside 
(much like the Magnetophon reels).

This tape is CLEAR and appears to be a relative of the Recordgraph 
Amertape system, although my vague recollection was that system 
scratched a wider or narrower track in the coating of the film. This one 
is using clear film. There are three reels.

Here is the best image of the ones I received showing the recorded? surface.

Any ideas? The reels are marked "Honeywell."  The latest one (1976) is 
marked "High Density 555." The reels are about 10-12 inches in diameter. 
The recordings are 1963-1976.

 From the marked contents, and the little background I have, I would 
expect these contain testimony or discovery type information from 
high-profile cases.

Yet another format...

Any and all help is appreciated.




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