Howard - For that I would use a soft dry cloth. Spin the record on your 
turntable (this is where an old transcription type is invaluable) Press the 
cloth against the affected groove - the grease should just polish off. You 
can feel the smoothness when the grease is gone. I would use a solvent as a 
later option if polishing didn't work-Mickey Clark

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] [AESHC] Cleaning grease pencil off discs

I recently (as in yesterday) acquired some Speak-o-Phone discs. Unlike
others I have, which are recorded on bare aluminum, these have a
lacquer or acetate coating on an aluminum substrate. (I'm not going to
strike a match to find out if it's acetate or lacquer!)

One disc has two bands. The inner one has been drawn through using
grease pencil in a pseudo-sine wave shape like you might use to
scratch out a line of text. I'd like to remove the grease pencil and
try playing this band. The band without grease pencil is Lily Pons on
the Ford Sunday Evening Hour from 1941.

So does anyone know how to remove grease pencil like this without
damaging the disc?


Howard Sanner