Hi Martin,

I have saved several cassettes that were assembled with screws for those 
occasions when I have to re-shell a cassette tape. Sometimes, I steal 
just the pads to return the cassette in question to it's best possible 
condition before transferring the audio.

Like Lou, I (usually) resort to Nakamichi decks for transfer for a host 
of reasons. Recently, I transferred several cassette tapes and my 
beloved Naks wouldn't completely play about half of them. I had to 
resort to another dual capstan deck for those cassettes. FWIW, Nakamichi 
decks weren't the only decks that came with dual capstan transports and 
pressure pad lifters. Several brands produced audiophile grade machines 
with dual capstan transports and pressure pad lifters that had specs as 
good as most Nakamichi's.



Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 7/24/2019 9:42 AM, Lou Judson wrote:
> Martin, I have a few you could have. I use Nakamichi decks for playback so the pressure pads are irrelevant. In a project of some 1500 cassettes to transfer, the guy I work with saved a bunch of parts from broken cassettes for repairs, but the pads are useless to me. Usually all I need for repairs are the hubs with leaders…
> I see only six or seven in the parts box, though. How many do you need? Actually, come to think of it, we are not keeping the transferred cassettes, so I actually have several hundred discards!
> Write or call me offlist if this helps. Or get a Nakamichi with pad lifters to be better off! :-)
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> Lou Judson
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>> On Jul 24, 2019, at 9:26 AM, Martin Fisher <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hey Folks,
>> Does anyone out there have a source for cassette pressure pad assemblies (I say assemblies because the pads are usually attached to a spring) or some alternative method of manufacturing your own.  I've tried those peel and stick strips available from several sources online and they just don't cut it.  Much too thick and rather cumbersome.  Of course I can buy a bunch of C-O shells and mutilate them but I hate to waste so much just for the one part I need most.
>> Thanks!  :-)
>> Martin