Probably the first was Mary Howe who also had her own record company and was a composer as well.  Her "Stars" was recorded on 78, Kindler, I believe.

Steve Smolian

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Tom Fine's mother - Wilma Cozart Fine might be in the list -

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>    Perhaps Jane Friedman (or Friedmann) at Columbia/Epic? She helped me at
> Columbia's New York headquarters in 1976 when I was doing some research
> about Bruno Walter's Columbia records. But I could be wrong about it.
>   Don Tait
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> Hi folks:
> Anyone know who the first female record producers were? I'm not aware of
> anyone before classical producer Teresa Sterne at Nonesuch in the 1960s,
> but if there was someone else (either in classical or vernacular), I'd
> like to know about her.
> Peace,
> Paul
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