Am 15.07.2019 um 22:36 schrieb Steven Smolian:
> I've a promotional bag for Grammophon Electrische Raumton-Platte.  Can
> anyone supply a translation for "Raumton"?  My computer can't.
> Steve Smolian
In 1927 Deutsche Grammophon introduced their own electrical recording
technology, and coined the term Polyfar (the trade mark had been
protected since 1923 for other purposes. In the UK the trade mark was
not registered until 1929).

The records were labeled „Elektrische Aufnahme. Serie: Polyfar “R”, and
on the Polydor export label thus: „Electrical Recording. Serie Polyfar
R“.  The „R“ was short for „Raumton“, which could perhaps best be
translated as "surround sound", although this term has meanwhile been
used in a different way.

The apparent idea was to make clear that while acoustic recordings used
a one-dimensional/directional horn, the electric microphones could pick
up sounds anywhere in the studio (or room), thus creating a fuller sound.

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