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As you may not know, DG did a series of Decca-Segovia reissues and a set of Stokowski/Mitropoulos (Dawson/Brahms/Prokofiev/Swanson). They're in very good sound, so possibly original sources. The Mitropoulos selections are from 1950 and AFAIK had never been reissued till this package appeared. Don't recall the production dates. That's all I've come across, so there might have been more.

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>Sorry for not getting back to this sooner. There may be some reason to hope
>when it comes to UMG's classical artists, and this may also explain their
>absence from the casualty rolls. Back in 1998, an exec from the newly
>reorganized classical division of Universal just after it acquired Polygram
>told me that "all of the classical has been sent to Germany."  I understood
>that by "all of the classical" he meant masters of releases that had parity
>with the consolidated DG/UK Decca structure and were mostly active at the
>time, so that would include Segovia, Heifetz, some Westminster titles, NY
>Pro Musica Play of Daniel/Play of Herod, etc. And when I was working at LC
>I saw some Decca NY Pro Musica masters on shelves that were in processing,
>which excited me because all of the masters of the Esoteric recordings they
>made were destroyed in the Northridge Earthquake of 1994 --  different
>disaster, unfortunately.
>However, what concerns me about UMG, classical and the Monkey Fire is that
>facility's reputation as "deep storage" -- holdings of things for which no
>plans were made for reissues. 'So I worry about Sylvia Marlowe, Marjorie
>Mitchell, Frederic Waldman, Cincinnati SO/Pops (though I believe the
>Ellington was still active in '98), Kapp's modest classical program etc.
>And I also worry about pop artists not prominent enough to make these lists
>-- the electronic group Silver Apples, Dusty Springfield's US-based
>recordings for Philips and some other names I'm not seeing listed.
>Dave Lewis of Sperryville, VA
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>> As I read the posts on this catastrophe, I note the absence of the names of
>> Decca's classical artists — admittedly, not many — whose masters were
>> surely destroyed. Jascha Heifetz, Andrés Segovia, Rudolf Ganz, Percy
>> Grainger, Robert Goldsand et al. all recorded for Decca in the forties,
>> which were mastered on 16.5-in. lacquers cut vertically. Like Columbia,
>> approved takes from the lacquers were dubbed to produce the released 78rpm
>> shellac discs. Heifetz's preserved some extraordinary performances of
>> encore pieces in which virtuosity was explored to the utmost. Due to the
>> dates, those lacquers were all glass-based, and were either broken in
>> transit or burned up in the vault fire. A similar fate befell the others.
>> It is perhaps a small part of what was destroyed, to be sure, but as
>> grievous a loss our cultural patrimony as anything else.
>> DDR
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