I'm not sure if anyone else has already experienced this, but I've just
started experiencing a new error with XML and XSLT in Firefox 68.
Apparently when referencing a style sheet, even if in the same folder, the
browser blocks it from transforming XML client-side.

See this error documentation:

CORS <> requests may
only use the HTTPS URL scheme, but the URL specified by the request is of a
different type. This often occurs if the URL specifies a local file, using
a file:/// URL.

To fix this problem, simply make sure you use HTTPS URLs when issuing
requests involving CORS, such as XMLHttpRequest
<>, Fetch
<> APIs, Web
Fonts (@font-face), and WebGL textures
and XSL stylesheets.
According to this discussion
<>, a workaround is to
change browser settings to reverse the update, but I'm not one to mess
around with those, and it'll be difficult to get that info out to all
affected staff.

We normally preview finding aids by opening a browser with a LAN network
file (so it starts with file:///) that references a style sheet stored in
the same folder. To publish it online, we save a new version without a
style sheet reference and batch transform to HTML on a monthly basis. We
don't directly edit the XML but work in a system that outputs EAD 2002

I'd love to hear if anyone has already solved this problem or has any
suggestions to help us continue to preview finding aids.

Thank you,
Gina Strack

Digital Archives Manager | Certified Archivist
Utah State Archives & Records Service <>
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