Interested in recognizing outstanding professionals and organizations in the federal information community?


Consider joining FEDLINK’s Awards Committee!  Members of FEDLINK’s Awards Committee manage the annual awards for the Federal Library, Federal Librarian, and Federal Library Technician.   From proposing nomination criteria to preparing the list of finalists for the FEDLINK Advisory Board, this group guides staff in the development of the nomination and selection process.  New initiatives include reviewing selection criteria and expanded promotion of the FEDLINK Awards program.  The committee meets in the fall and the spring (via conference call/webcast) to recognize and commend:

·       outstanding, innovative, and sustained achievements during a particular fiscal year by a federal library or information center.

·       innovative leadership and professionalism in the promotion and development of library and information services during a particular fiscal year by a federal librarian or information professional.

·       exceptional technical competency and flexibility under changing work conditions during a particular fiscal year by a federal library technician.

If you are federal library employee with ideas to share, have questions, or would like to join, please send an email to [log in to unmask].


Please forward this email onto other colleagues in your organization who may be interested.  Thank you for considering joining the FEDLINK Awards Committee. 



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