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The Ralph J. Bunche Library at the U.S. Department of State is days away from posting two reference positions on USAJobs.  The announcements will only be open for 10 days once they post, so I’m sending this announcement out now to let you know that if you’re interested in exciting opportunities to deliver state-of-the-art library services to U.S. diplomats around the world, you should start checking USAJobs now so that you don’t miss these announcements.


Details on the two positions:


1 – GS-14 Supervisory Librarian - Branch Chief for Reference Services.  This position provides leadership and direction for the research and information access services of the Library, and as part of the senior management team, participates in the development and administration of the Library program.


2 – GS-13 Law Librarian.  This position serves as the Library’s authority for legal research, and is the established liaison with the Office of the Legal Advisor.


About the Ralph J. Bunche Library: Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1789 by Thomas Jefferson, the Library has the distinction of being the oldest federal library and is currently in its 230th year of continuous service to the men and women of the Department of State.  In 1997, it was dedicated to diplomat and Nobel Prize Winne Ralph J. Bunche.  Its extensive collection includes a number of historic documents, and chronicles the history of the Department and U.S. international relations.  The Library currently serves the 70,000 employees of the State Department serving throughout the United States and in hundreds of U.S. diplomatic missions in every part of the world.


I will send updates to this list with the job announcement numbers once they are posted.







Julie Arrighetti

Chief Librarian

Ralph J. Bunche Library
Office of Information Programs and Services

U.S. Department of State


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