We don’t have a postcard about literary heritage (great goal). We do a bookmark and a ½ sheet highlighting our Great Read (I’ll attach those examples) with Texas books on the back.


Sharon, I love your sticker idea. We are going to do “Lone Star Reader” gold star stickers this year again.




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I've been off email for a few days so am trying to catch up.  Where did the postcard idea come from?  


We're not planning to do that.  We've found that kids love wearing stickers and so our plan was to create stickers of the book jacket for them and to have some info for parents/teachers to take away.  


That said, I will plan to put this on a postcard if what we are saying is that there is a shared design for the Great Reads project that we are particularizing for our state/commonwealth/territory/district.


Please can someone clarify? 




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Hi All,


This is the first I have heard of a postcard.  Would love more information please.


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I love the idea of having a postcard to promote our selected book! Does anyone have something they have done like this before that you would be willing to share?




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Are we being strongly encouraged to have a postcard about the book we are bringing / the literary history of our state?




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